About Us


The University of Connecticut School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals provide the educational and clinical resources for an extensive residency training system. The residency and fellowship programs are part of a multi-hospital network. This network includes the clinical education of medical and dental students, clinical research, and comprehensive primary and specialty care. A patient population base of over one million is drawn from central and northern Connecticut. The full spectrum of medical education experiences, from basic sciences to residency and fellowship education, is provided and monitored through the University. Fourth-year electives are available in all areas to qualified students.

We sponsor over 55 fully accredited residency and fellowship programs. All programs provide clinical experiences in community hospitals, ambulatory care centers and an academic health sciences center actively involved in clinical and basic science research. You can learn and grow in a warm and friendly academic environment that draws the best of both worlds.

With a more than 100-year tradition of medical education, the hospitals collectively offer 2500 teaching beds, 250 full-time university-based and 260 full-time community hospital-based faculty. Over 800 part-time and volunteer faculty support the educational effort. Learn more about our hospitals.