Graduate Medical Education Hotline

Graduate Medical Education (GME) at the UConn School of Medicine takes all concerns very seriously. A hotline phone number and online form has been established for all residents and fellows to report any concerns. These may include, but may not be limited to:

  • duty hour violations
  • any kind of harassment, bias or discrimination
  • code of conduct violations
  • supervision concerns
  • patient safety concerns
  • training program concerns

Faculty and staff who work with residents and fellows may also use the GME Hotline to report any concerns as outlined above.

This hotline is confidential, and all follow-up is done with the caller’s identity protected, if requested. To help investigate the concern it would be helpful to provide as much information as you are comfortable providing such as information about the concern or incident, program, site, date, name of the person you are concerned about (if applicable) and your name (if you’re comfortable providing it). A concern can be reported to the hotline phone number:

Hotline: 860-679-4353

Or by completing this form:

Type the characters you see below and select the Submit button: