Controlled Substance Registration FAQ

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What is a Controlled Substance License?

This is a registration issued by the State of Connecticut and is required for every resident. Registration for a license is processed through the State of Connecticut, Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division.

How do I register for my Controlled Substance License?

At Orientation, as part of your orientation materials, there is a registration form called Controlled Substance Registration for Practitioner. You complete the form. Make sure to answer the bottom 2 questions and sign and date the form. The initial $40 registration fee will be paid for by the Consortium. Subsequent license renewals will be paid for by you and then you will be reimbursed by the Consortium. See “How to Get Reimbursement for Renewal Fee” below.

What is my Practice Site Name and Address?

You will be given a listing of Program Names and Addresses. Find your practice site name and address. You must include the complete Zip Code, including the 4 digits after the dash. The full zip code is critical, as the last 4 digits represents the department mail code, and to where the controlled substance license renewal application will be sent. It is very important to complete this information accurately, as your practice site address permits you to store, administer and dispense controlled substances at a specific location. The Controlled Substance Registration for Practitioners is location specific.

What should I put as the Mailing Address?

You should check that you want all correspondence to go to your Practice Site. This will maintain your privacy, and your home (residence) address will not be listed publically on the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division, eLicensing website.

When does my license expire?

The Controlled Substance Registration for Practitioners expires every 2 years on February 28th of odd numbered years. The period of the license is from March 1 through February 28 for a two year period and renewal is required for all residents in odd years. If you initially register in an odd year, then your registration is good for 1.75 years. If you initially register in an even year, then your registration is good for .75 years.

How do I renew my license?

Approximately 30-45 days prior to the expiration, you will be mailed a renewal document by the State of Connecticut, Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division. The renewal will be sent to your Practice Site street address that you provided on the registration form. The document will provide you with instructions, a user name and password to renew online or you can mail the document with the appropriate fee. You are required to renew your Controlled Substance License.

How do I get reimbursement for the renewal fee?

Keep a copy of your payment for proof of payment and provide a copy of payment to your Coordinator. Your Coordinator will provide a list to the Consortium and the Consortium will then reimburse you through payroll for the $40 renewal fee that you incurred. Late fees will not be reimbursed.

What happens if I don’t renew my Controlled Substance License?

Failure to comply with maintaining an active Controlled Substance License could result in your inability to prescribe controlled substance medications and may also result in a fine. The Consortium and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine will not be responsible for any loss of privileges or fines as the result of your failure to comply with the requirements.

How do I find my License Number? How can I look up my License to see if it is Active?

You may look up your License Number and the status of you License on the State of Connecticut eLicensing Website by going to: On the left side of the page under Online Services, select Look Up a License. A Search for a License box will appear and you type in your first and last name.

I moved, how do I change my residence address on my Controlled Substance License?

The fastest way to change your address is to send an email to Be sure to include your registration number, old address, new address and phone number in the email. Maintaining an updated address is important so that renewal materials are mailed to the correct address.