Healthstream (Institutional Curriculum)

The Institutional Curriculum was designed to provide a curriculum that is universal to all programs and either reflects RRC requirements or hospital/JCAHO requirements. By providing an Institutional Curriculum to all residents and fellows we can be guaranteed that residents meet credentialing aspects to work in our hospital system as well as be guaranteed a curriculum that might be overlooked. This curriculum should in no way replace a program’s unique curriculum that a program director might develop for a particular group of residents, but it represents a minimum standard for these topics. Some courses are required to be completed prior to starting a residency or fellowship, some courses will need to be completed annually, and some courses will need to be done to graduate from a residency or fellowship. All of the courses are available Online through HealthStream.

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Courses Required

Incoming Courses. Courses that must be completed before residents/fellows can begin.  These courses are automatically assigned in Healthstream.  Approximately 10 hours to complete all courses.

  • PGY1's will also be assigned courses for Boot Camp/Simulation Center

  • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical I: Corporate Compliance, Sexual Harassment, Patient Rights, Confidentiality, HIPAA, Grievances

  • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical II: General Safety, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Ergonomics, Back Safety, Hazard Communication, Security & Workplace Violence, Reporting Incidents, Emergency Preparedness, Infection Control

  • HIPAA (also done annually)

  • Informed Consent

  • Standard Precautions: Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (also done annually)

  • Patient Restraint and Seclusion in the Acute-Care Setting

  • Moderate Sedation / Analgesia (Conscious Sedation)

  • Safety Starts with Me (full course)

  • Active Assailant Training

  • Sleep Loss and Fatigue

  • Interpreter Services at UConn Health

  • Residents as Teachers and Supervisors of Medical Students (Program specific, not assigned to all incoming residents and fellows)

  • Attestations and Acknowledgements

    • Receipt of Policies and Procedures

    • Duty Hours Attestation

    • Compact Between Faculty, and Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Trainee

    • ADA Acknowledgement

  • Orientation Day 1 (if you miss the first day of orientation you will be assigned a course when the new orientation day information is available at the end of June)

Annual Courses. These courses must be done every year. These courses are also automatically assigned in Healthstream.  (Note:  If you complete these courses as an incoming resident or fellow, you will not have to complete them again until your second year of training)  Approximately 4 hours to complete all courses.

  • Standard Precautions: Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Materials


  • Informed Consent

  • Sleep loss and Fatigue

  • Safety Starts with Me Refresher

  • Interpreter Services at UConn Health

Courses that will be assigned January of the first year of training and are required for promotion to your next year of training or graduation if in a one year program. Approximately 2 hours to complete all courses.

  • Adverse Events

  • Safety Event Reporting

  • Cultural Competence: Providing Culturally Competent Care (for those that do not complete the GME Cultural Competency program)

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