Welcome to the University of Connecticut/Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to the University of Connecticut/Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program

As Residency Director, I am thrilled to convey the excitement we feel about Family Medicine education in our setting. We hope you find this website helpful and that it answers many questions you may have about our training environment. We believe the UConn Family Medicine program represents the best of both worlds - an enthusiastic University faculty, located in an outstanding community teaching hospital all rooted in a vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood. This is fertile ground to learn the art and science of Family Medicine.

As you explore this website, you will come to know some of the inner workings of our residency program. More important perhaps is that you begin to feel the core values that underlie our educational mission. These values are humanity, diversity, collaboration, and innovation. A career in Family Medicine is a commitment to embrace humanity. We are rooted in a neighborhood where we make a difference in people's lives. This focus permeates our clinical perspective and world view. We also strive to create a humane educational environment: one that recognizes the contributions of adult learners and allows the flexibility for individuals to chart their own course within Family Medicine.

We are committed to honoring diversity and approaching cultural differences with an attitude of humility rather than one of achieving "competence." This opens us to true learning and meaningful relationships with others.

Collaboration best describes our clinical educational model where pharmacists, family therapists, social workers, nutritionists, nurses, and staff work side-by-side with patients, residents and faculty in both teaching and clinical care.

While our educational model is somewhat traditional- grounded in the fundamentals we are also innovative. We instituted Electronic Health Records in 2003, and have literally transformed how we care for patients using technology and evidence-based medicine. We are a pilot site for handheld software. We have recently received a three year federal grant to incorporate technology into medical education. We are regionally and nationally known for our psychosocial curriculum. Our community health commitment is outstanding and has included everything from studying community resources for adolescents to a study tour of transmigration in Puerto Rico. We are actively implementing a patient-centered medical home concept of care with group visits in prenatal care for obstetrical patients, diabetes and nutrition. We have an active refugee clinic which serves Somalian and Bosnian refugees. Our Sports Medicine Fellowship is among the finest in New England. As a result of their broad education in the best of a university administered, community based training environment, our graduates have chosen careers in almost every conceivable practice setting (see our alumni section).

I invite you to explore this website at your own pleasure! I think you will agree there is a great deal of opportunity here at UConn Family Medicine. As an added benefit, Hartford and the surrounding communities are a terrific place to live. Please feel free to contact us if we can support your career path in Family Medicine in any way.

Eugene Orientale, Jr., M.D.

Eugene Orientale, M.D.
Program Director
Professor, Family Medicine