Our Alumni - Read Where Our Graduates Are Now

Charlene Li, M.D., 1980; Edmund Kim, M.D., 2003; Neena Pursnani, M.D., 2005; Remi Mathews, M.D., 2007; Cesar Fuentes, M.D., 2009; Amber Cheema, M.D., 2010; Rachel Ampadu, M.D., 2012; Aalia Al-Barwani, M.D., 2012; Jessica Asnani, M.D. 2014; J. Ben Lawrence, M.D., 2014

From left to right: Charlene Li, M.D., 1980; Edmund Kim, M.D., 2003; Neena Pursnani, M.D., 2005; Remi Mathews, M.D., 2007; Cesar Fuentes, M.D., 2009; Amber Cheema, M.D., 2010; Rachel Ampadu, M.D., 2012; Aalia Al-Barwani, M.D., 2012; Jessica Asnani, M.D. 2014; J. Ben Lawrence, M.D., 2014. AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly, San Diego CA, September 2013.

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2017 Top

Heather Applewhite, MD

Emma Chipman, MD

Arth Patel, MD

Stephanie Porto, MD

Heidi Tucker, DO

2016 Top

Chrissy Abdelsayed, MD

Haya Ahram, MD

Melissa Hamilton, MD

Shawnet Jones, MD

Robin Longley, MD

Colton Redding, DO

Anna Radwan, MD

2015 Top

Genevieve Chu, MD

Gregory Huang, MD

Kavita Ketwaroo, MD

Samantha Matney, MD

Daniel Pearle, MD

Iderasit Udo, MD

2014 Top
Jessica (Asnani) Bajwa, MD, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Catherine Gambs, MD, Everett, WA

(John) Ben Lawrence, MD, Douglass, MA

Morgan Lisner, MD, OB Fellowship

Nasser Mohamed, MD, Sports Medicine Fellowship

Matthew Plucinski, MD, Buffalo, NY

Alan Ruiz, MD, Norwich, CT
2013 Top
Sama Alvi, MD, Hartford, CT

Trevor Bell, MD, Springfield, MA

Alice Lin, MD, Lowell, MA

Molly O’Malley, MD, Hartford, CT

Alon Sitzer, MD, Lovington, NM

Charlecinth Yennie, MD, Ellington, CT
2012 Top
Aalia Al-Barwani, MD, Alabama

Rachel Ampadu, MD, Massachusetts

Bola Ariyo, DO, Washington DC

Thomas Graziano, MD, Springfield, MD

John Kouch, MD, Occupational Medicine Fellowship, Yale, New Haven, CT.

Justin Lee, MD, Anesthesiology Residency, UConn, Farmington CT.

Marina Udowenko, DO, Sports Medicine Fellowship, Wake Forest, NC.
2011 Top

Christopher Doan, M.D., Hamden Connecticut

Elissa Freedman, M.D., Eastern Connecticut Health Network, Vernon, Connecticut

Naveen Garg, M.D., Canada

Hana Hagos, M.D., Rhode Island

Monique Martin, M.D., Connecticut

Pavlina Natcheva-Smitaman, M.D., Windsor, Connecticut

2010 Top

Sepinoid Bazel, M.D., Family Medicine, Burlington, Vermont

Hugh Blumenfeld, M.D., Faculty, UConn Department of Family Medicine, Family Medicine at Asylum Hill

Amber Cheema, M.D., Family Medicine, Hebron, Connecticut

Blair Dierks, M.D., UConn Sports Medicine Fellow Graduate, 2011; Pittsburgh, PA

Alex Faustin, M.D., Family Medicine, Connecticut

Tsewang Gyurmey, MD, UConn Geriatric Fellow Graduate, 2012; Providence RI

Andrew Mahtani, M.D., has settled in Southern Illinois where rural primary care is better than he ever dreamed. He is working in a hospital employed practice that is predominately outpatient, with inpatient call one in four weeks, soon to be one in five, with mid-levels handling all home calls. The training through UConn has more than adequately prepared him for all aspects of Primary Care. Walking into the office was so much easier than residency, as the nurses handle most of what was handled during residency, which allows him to focus on the patient, and easily see a much larger volume of patients than he was able to in the office. The community has been very welcoming, and it is wonderful having his weekends back.

Emily Walker, M.D., Family Medicine, Lawrence, Massachusetts

2009 Top

Soussane Ayubcha, M.D., Stamford, Connecticut

M. Gabriella De Sousa, M.D., East Hartford Community HealthCare, East Hartford, Connecticut

Cesar Fuentes, M.D., Hospitalist, Manchester Memorial Hospital, Manchester, Connecticut

Ashley Hendrix, M.D., Graduate, Geriatrics Fellowship at UConn School of Medicine. Relocated October 2010 to Harker Heights, Texas

Joseph Shea, M.D., Family Medicine, Manchester, Connecticut

2008 Top

Sally Ciron, M.D., Sally is a board certified Family Physician and since graduating has been working as a fulltime physician at Westport Family Health in Westport, CT. She currently live in Stamford, CT.

Phillip Chain, M.D., Graduate, Sports Medicine Fellowship, UConn 2009. Manchester, Connecticut

Sharon Dhaliwal, M.D., East Hartford Community HealthCare, East Hartford, Connecticut

Jenny Olivo, M.D., Family Medicine, New Mexico

Shabbir Sabir, M.D., lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works in an urgent care setting. He is also currently working in an ER (level IV trauma with a volume of 17000 pts/year.)

Sam Vorkpor, M.D., Antioch, Tennessee

Elena Zenkin, M.D., Graduate of Obstetric Fellowship, Las Vegas, Nevada 2010

2007 Top

Stephanie M Chu, D.O., After finishing my Sports Medicine Fellowship at UConn in 2008 I travelled to the Mountain West and the Big XII (soon to be Pac-12!) and took a job with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty for CU Sports Medicine, and Team Physician for the Colorado Buffaloes. I have many “hats” that I wear throughout each week, all over the Greater Denver and Boulder area. University Family Medicine in Westminster is where I have my continuity FM Clinic and spend time as a Foundations of Doctoring Preceptor for a 2nd Year Medical Student. CU Sports Medicine in Denver is my community Sports Medicine practice where I see athletes of all ages and abilities in the community. I also spend a number of clinic sessions a month at Rose Family Medicine Residency where I am a community Preceptor for Family Medicine Residents and our Sports Medicine Fellow. And finally I have training room and game coverage responsibilities for the CU Athletes. Go Buffs! Lastly but most dear to my heart is my position as Medical and Hygiene Consultant for the non-profit organization Hope Shines (www.hopeshines.net). I travel to Rwanda in the summers for ~3 weeks and conduct Health Physicals on Rwandan Orphans prior to volunteering as a mentor to these orphans in a week-long “Summer Camp.” This is a new and extremely rewarding aspect of my “job” that is completely volunteer! But I can’t imagine summer without “my kids.”

Tim Lishnak, M.D., Graduate of Sports Medicine Fellowship, UConn 2008. Manchester, Connecticut

Remi Matthews, M.D., has worked since graduation with ECHN (Eastern Connecticut Health Network) affiliated with Manchester Hospital as a primary care physician. Remi also works one day a week in the wound clinic. She and her husband live in Glastonbury CT with their two year old daughter, Abigail.

Danielle Jong Mei, M.D., Family Medicine, Wisconsin

Deepa Ramachandra, M.D., Family Medicine, Massachusetts

Ali Torabzedeh, M.D.

2006 Top

Saloni Anand, M.D., Family Medicine, New York

Michael Cascio, M.D., Family Medicine, St. Petersburg, Florida

Lisa Chin-Lue, M.D., and Roland have settled in Palm Harbor Florida, about 45 minutes from Tampa where Roland enjoys his practice in GI. Lisa is busy with Nate and Chloe and plans to return to work part-time soon.

Tanya Feke M.D., former Chief Resident, is currently practicing full-time at Middlesex Hospital Primary Care in Durham, Connecticut. She also works as the expert consultant for the initiation and maintenance of electronic medical records within the Middlesex organization, covering nine offices. She is happily married with a 4 year old son, Gilbert Aidan, and a baby girl, Charlotte Paige, due on November 1, 2010. In her spare time, she writes a movie review column, Diagnosis: Movies, for her local newspaper and has been press credentialed to the LA Film Festival for two years running. "It's all about finding balance in life."

Sachin Parekh, M.D., is working as a full-time Attending Physician at MedExpress, the urgent care component of St. Francis Hospital's Emergency Department in Hartford. I see patients for a variety of acute problems including evaluations for infectious diseases, lacerations, and musculoskeletal complaints, etc. I also teach and precept medical students/residents that rotate though the MedExpress. Additionally, I serve as the Medical Director for Minuteclinic locations in Northern Connecticut. I supervise, educate, and review charts of APRN's who run the stand alone clinics. My wife and I live in Glastonbury, CT with our son Sohan (19 months old) and daughter Aavni (6 weeks old).

Rajeev Singh, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Memphis, Tennessee

Nigel Taylor, M.D., Family Medicine, Kingston, Jamaica

2005 Top

Paula Breit, M.D., Boca Raton, Florida

Johvonne Clayborne, D.O., Community Health Services, Hartford, Connecticut

Fonda Gravino, M.D., West Hartford Connecticut. Dr. Gravino has returned to her Residency site and is working with our residents and faculty at the Family Medicine Center @ Asylum Hill. Dr. Gravino sees patients at the FMC and precepts regularly.

Neena Pursnani, M.D., Connecticut

David Verebelyi, M.D., Highland Ranch, Colorado. After graduating from the Family Medicine residency, Dr. Verebelyi continued his education and is a Fellow with the American Society for Laser Surgery in Medicine (ASLMS). He is a nationally recognized leader in light-based medical therapy and runs a practice called Colorado Skin Care.

Zhihong Alice Zhong, M.D., Kaiser Permanente, Antioch, California

2004 Top

Karrin Genovese, M.D., Long Beach, Long Island, New York

Caryn Kendra-Slack, M.D., West Jordan Medical Center, West Jordan, Utah

Pablo Hernandez, M.D., Pablo is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Family Health Center of Worcester (FHCW), at UMASS where he serves as Assistant Medical Director. His main responsibilities and major interests are: patient care, teaching, EMR, Diabetes Collaborative, cultural sensitivity and international medicine.

Cornel Tomelden, M.D., Florida

Shenbagam Veeraputhiran, M.D., Massachusetts

Leor Zedek, M.D., Shelton, Connecticut

2003 Top

Linda Bastien, M.D., Community Health Center in Elizabeth and Plainfield, New Jersey caring for the underserved. She spends her leisure time traveling across the country and internationally. If she has to do it all over again, she would definitely choose Family Medicine and UConn/Saint Francis Family Medicine Residency Program. She feels more than prepared to deal with the daily challenges of Family Medicine as a result of her training here.

Rama Bathala, M.D., Rama really enjoyed residency and her experiences in Connecticut, but she wanted to return home to California to be closer to her family and friends. She now works for Kaiser Permanente in Orange County. Living a balanced life is her goal but “this can be difficult in our line of work”. She keeps trying!

Aaron Brown, M.D., Gastonia, North Carolina

Dana Dougherty, M.D., Columbus, Ohio

Edmund Kim, M.D., Faculty, University of Connecticut, Department of Family Medicine, Hartford, Connecticut

Teresa Smith, M.D., Teresa is a physician in private practice and Medical Director at Faith Community Health Clinic in Angola, Indiana. The clinic helps people obtain prescriptions and dental care, provides Pap smears and simple lab tests and works with the AIDS Task Force to provide monthly HIV/AIDS testing. In 2009, the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly Health Care Heroes selected Dr. Smith as “Physician of the Year.”!!

2002 Top

Suzanne Cole, M.D., New York, New York

Lisa Dwelle, M.D., Pebble Beach, California

Ellen Kwan, M.D., Holliston, Massachusetts

George Neves, M.D., Community Health Care Center, Fresno, California

Hai-Tao Tang, M.D., Vallejo, California

Kar-yee Wu, M.D., Faculty, Oregon Health Sciences University in the Department of Family Medicine. Their clinic is mostly rural but close to Portland. She precepts once a week and is on service four to six times a year.

2001 Top

Matthew Huddleston, M.D., Community Health Center, Middletown, Connecticut

Scott Mitchell, M.D., North Carolina

Eun Min Lee, M.D., Tucson, Arizona

Krishnan Narasimhan, M.D., Krishnan completed a Primary Care Health Policy Fellowship at Georgetown Department of Family Medicine. He looks forward to a career that mixes patient care, teaching, research, and working on health care public policy.

Michelle Nanda, M.D., Maryland

Stacy Taylor, M.D., Medical Director, New Hartford, Connecticut

Cristina Ortega, M.D., Connecticut

2000 Top

Demetria Francis, M.D., Columbus, Georgia

Julie Auerbach, M.D., Connecticut

Martin Watterson, M.D., Bellingham, Washington

Kenneth Woliner, M.D., Holistic Family Medicine, Boca Raton, Florida

Howard Yang, M.D., Family Medicine, Las Vegas, Nevada

1999 Top

James Cheverie, M.D., Family Medicine, Franklin, Massachusetts

Emily Daponte, M.D., Emily and her family moved to western Virginia after residency and returned to the Hartford area in 2001. She lives in West Hartford with her husband Michael and children Will and Hope. Dr. Daponte practices at Enfield Family Medicine, Enfield, Connecticut.

Elizabeth Freedman, M.D., Liz and her husband live in West Hartford, Connecticut. They have two children, Frances and William. They are very “wrapped up in family activities.” Dr. Freedman practices at East Granby Family Medicine, East Granby, Connecticut.

Cary Freston, M.D., Family Medicine, Avon, Connecticut

Monika Singh, M.D., After leaving Hartford, Monika and her husband moved back to Boston. For five years they enjoyed the experience of city life with their children Kunal and Meghna. After the birth of their third child, Sameer, they said “goodbye” to Boston and “hello” to Sudbury, Massachusetts, their suburban dream – kids, a house/lawn, a minivan, soccer and baseball games, gymnastics, etc!

Michele Spirko, M.D., Michele and her husband, Blake, enjoy an idyllic life in Western Massachusetts. They have three delightful children, Colton, Anthea, and Korinna. She feels fortunate to be able to put her career on hold while she cares for their growing family. In her spare time Michele is a passionate quilter.

1998 Top

Andrea E. Andrews, M.D., earned her Medical Degree from Howard University College of Medicine. She completed her Residency in Family Practice at the University of Connecticut in Hartford, Connecticut at St. Francis Hospital. Prior, she graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. After relocating to the warm weather of Arizona, Dr. Andrews completed some postgraduate training with a Faculty Development Fellowship Series at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. After working in small border towns in Arizona and travelling to a variety of small underserved community health centers and Indian Health Service sites performing locum tenens, she moved to Georgia to be closer to her immediate family. Dr. Andrea E. Andrews is Board-Certified in Family Practice. She is accepting new patients and welcomes most major insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare. She enjoys patient education, her family, reading, walking, classic country music and old movies. She has a teenage daughter in magnet school for the math and science who wants to be an actress...Just another day in paradise.

Steven Barnett, M.D., Steve, his wife, Carol, and their three children, Michael, Kiersten and David live in South Carolina. He practices with three partners. Working in a rural area allows him to care for many underserved and uninsured patients and to practice full scope Family Medicine including colonoscopies, colposcopies, inpatient medicine and nursing homes.

Richard Daly, M.D., Rick has worked full-time as a salaried M.D. since graduation. His wife Kirsten Zenker and he have been happily married since 2001 and live in Waltham, Massachusetts. They bought a horse last year, whose name is Thunder. His life is “pretty great”. He remembers his time in residency very fondly.

Mimi Koehm, M.D., After working for Memorial Hospital in Rhode Island, Mimi is now settled on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts serving as the primary care physician for the island.

Brendon Hutchinson, M.D., Washington

Richard Popovic, M.D., Franklin, Massachusetts

1997 Top

Kathy Daniele, M.D., Pennsylvania

Deborah Edberg, M.D., Program Director, Family Medicine, Chicago, Illinois

Nancy Hamel, M.D., Rhode Island

Michele Lamoreux, M.D., Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Robert Monteleone, M.D., After residency, Bob spent one year in Jasper, Texas completing a Rural Obstetrics/Family Practice Fellowship. He moved to Elkton, Maryland and joined a group practice doing Family Medicine with obstetrics to include C-Sections. After four years the practice closed. He then opened his own practice and added a PA and a partner. He is happily married to Sharon and they are the parents of two daughters. He stopped obstetrics due to the increasingly high malpractice costs and he is able to spend more time at home. He also is precepting at a Family Medicine residency program one half-day a week. He enjoys running, mountain biking and spending time with his girls. Bob has also done 3 tours in Afghanistan.

Kathleen Mueller, M.D., Kathy and her husband Scott have stayed in Connecticut since residency. They have three children, Benjamin, Alaina, and Madeline. She was in private practice for seven years and in the emergency room at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center for one year. She has opened an alternative practice, with fellow Alum, Jane Walker, M.D. (’88) without traditional family medicine, and is active in the Connecticut State Academy.

1996 Top

Michael Cavanagh, M.D., Family Medicine, Westminster, Colorado

John Davison, M.D., Family Medicine, Virginia

Lisa Mancao-Hutch, M.D., Lisa works part-time with the Indian Health Service. Her husband Robert and she work opposite schedules so that one of them is at home with their children, BJ, and Sage.

Carin Shapiro, M.D., Carin and her husband live in Rockland County, New York with their three daughters. She is working at the Westchester Institute of Human Development, an affiliate of New York Medical College, providing primary care to adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury. Carin enjoys gardening, building doll houses and volunteering with the Epilepsy Foundation. She has been working towards a Masters in Public Health, focusing on health care policy and management.

Lynnea Villanova, M.D., Lynnea has become certified in acupuncture and in Ayurvedic Medicine. She enjoys working in physical medicine and has her own integrative medicine practice – a really fun conglomeration of East/West. She is also a professional musician.

James Walden, M.D., Family Medicine, Columbia, South Carolina

1995 Top

Scott Boden, M.D., Following residency, Scott worked in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Memorial Hospital, in Connecticut. He has been involved in administration, and was Medical Director of an urgent care center for three years. In 2003, he began an accredited one-year surgical fellowship in Hair Transplantation Surgery, and now has a well established hair restoration practice in West Hartford, having joined a large national group practice, Medical Hair Restoration. He finds it very gratifying helping men and women achieve their goals of appearing as young as they feel, while utilizing meticulous surgical skills. He lives in West Hartford with his wife Mary, a psychiatrist and their two boys, Noah and Isaiah.

Robin Bersh Gold, M.D., After graduating residency in 1995, Robin took a few months to “collect my thoughts” (a euphemism for “I was unemployed!”), then ventured west for what proved to be the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. What began as a three-month stint in Jasper, Texas to gain more Ob experience, turned into a one-year fellowship in Rural Family Practice and Maternity Care which included training to perform C-sections and other operative procedures. This was followed by 3.5 more years of employment in this Deep East Texas rural community, practicing the full scope of family practice with Ob. During those years, they trained two other fellows who originated from our UConn/Saint Francis Family Practice Program (Bob Monteleone and Mimi Koehm), who have both gone on to include operative Ob in their practices. She also acquired an appreciation for rodeo (or, actually, rodeo attire!) and skill at driving her 5-speed truck! A successful blind date in Y2K, brought her back to Connecticut, where she married her Beshert, the man of her dreams, Chuck on April Fools Day 2001. She landed a part-time faculty position at Asylum Hill Family Medicine, her former residency home and started in late June 2001, bought a new house in the Fall of 2001, and moved in in January of 2002. She gave birth to their first son Leo in February, 2002, followed quickly by Harry and then Eli. They are currently settled* in West Simsbury, CT. *Like the rest of society, they are trying desperately to keep the rollercoaster moving forward, but at a decent pace so they can enjoy all the twists and turns. She thinks the plaque hanging above the old broken answering machine and the last few years of telephone books sums up her life now: “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

Wendy Reymond, M.D., Wendy and her partner, Heidi Eriksen, are rearing their three children, Max and twins Paul and Marion in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has been working at a Community Health Center in the eastern Berkshires. Stepping down as medical director and the advent of a hospitalist system at her hospital has made life more sane, but she still can’t claim to be pursuing any “activities”. She still is loving (almost) every minute of it!

Thomas Rockland, M.D., West Hartford, Connecticut

Gary Wilks, M.D., After practicing family medicine in Connecticut, Nepal and North Carolina, Gary completed a fellowship in geriatrics. He is now practicing geriatrics in Rockville, Maryland, with one partner, where they are very busy with house calls and and assisted living. He and his wife, Madeline are the parents of Isaac, and Ella. Gary continues to explore a variety of interests while striving to spend the bulk of his time with family.

Daniel Wilenksy, M.D., Connecticut

1994 Top

Ivy Brackup, M.D., Massachusetts

Madeline Frucht-Wilks, M.D., She and husband Gary are the proud parents of Isaac and Ella. Prior to settling in Bethesda, Maryland, they worked and studied in Connecticut, Nepal, Vietnam, North Carolina and Ohio. They had the opportunity to certify in medical acupuncture and to practice wilderness medicine in the Himalayas. Maddy works at LaClinica del Pueblo, a free clinic in Washington, D.C. , where she serves patients mostly from Central and South America. She provides the full scope of family practice in a wonderfully challenging environment. She also supervises medical students and residents from George Washington and Howard Medical Schools.

Andrea Gordon, M.D., Andrea pulled up roots and began again, five times since leaving residency, and is very happy with where she finally landed. After residency graduation, a fellowship brought her to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Her first “real job” was at a branch of the Tacoma, Washington residency program in a town called Puyallup. After four years she missed the east coast and moved to Stamford, Connecticut to teach in a program there. But she fell in love and was lucky to find a teaching position in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Allen, her husband, lived. After the Harrisburg residency closed, they both got positions in the Tufts Residency.

Kristine Karlson, M.D., After graduation, Kris took a part-time job in Boston to train for the 1996 Olympic team. Unfortunately, she didn’t make the team, but soon landed a sports medicine fellowship in Hanover, New Hampshire…perfect for her lifestyle….cross country skiing, biking, rowing. She met her husband Dave Stiger on the ski trail and they were married in September 2003.

Kathryn Malone, M.D., California

Patrick Sabia, M.D., Massachusetts

Rebecca Wolfe, M.D., Michigan

1993 Top

Thomas Agresta, M.D., Faculty, University of Connecticut Department of Family Medicine, Hartford, Connecticut

Jeffrey Anderson, M.D., Faculty, University of Connecticut Department of Sports Medicine, Storrs, Connecticut Jeff and his wife, Chris, live in Tolland, Connecticut with their two boys, Erik, and Luke. Since completing his fellowship in 1994, he has worked as the Director of Sports Medicine in the University of Connecticut Athletic Department. Between work hours, kids’ sports and activities, community and church activities, they are not lacking for things to do! Jeff really enjoys helping out as a faculty member in the Family Medicine Department’s Sports Medicine Fellowship and teaching sports medicine to residents and medical students.

L. Casey Chosewood, M.D., After leaving residency, Casey practiced office-based pediatrics and family medicine for seven years. He then became Medical Director for the SE Region of Lucent Technologies. After two years, he joined the CDC as the Medical Director of all CDC Occupational Health Clinics. In May 2004, he became Deputy Director of CDC’s Office of Health and Safety. “Best of all,” he gets to be dad to his two magnificent children, Alex, and Emily.

Bradford Harding, M.D., Connecticut

Anne Wise, M.D., Cleveland, Ohio

Farzad Tabibzadeh, M.D., Roslyn Heights, New York

1992 Top

David Anderson, M.D., David works in a private practice in Annapolis, Maryland, where both he and his wife, Vickie (also a prior UConn resident at Saint Francis), see patients. Their practice has seven physicians, but is part of a larger primary care group with twelve similar sites spread throughout surrounding counties in Maryland. The newest challenge, as a group, has been fully implementing their new electronic medical records system. They have three children, Matt, Tommy and Caroline.

Neil Moynihan, M.D., After graduation, Neil took an interim job with the Emergency Department at Johnson Memorial Hospital. He was doing an ER rotation there when his practice plan fell through, and has been there since. He has also been precepting at the Family Medicine Center at Asylum Hill one half-day a week since his graduation. This has given him the opportunity to keep up with Family Medicine and it has been fun and rewarding. He and his wife, Jane, have four children – two girls followed by two boys. The girls keep the boys in line and the four of them keep their parents in awe of how the previous generation did it all with one car and no cell phones.

John C. Nelson, M.D.

Sarah Nicklin, M.D., After finishing residency Sarah practiced emergency medicine for three years in New Hampshire and North Carolina. After completing an Ob fellowship in Rochester, NY, Sarah joined Lehigh Valley Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency Program, with former UConn faculty member, William Miller, MD. She is currently part of an innovative practice called HealthSpring in Bethlehem, PA, working with four other family docs and a psychiatrist and psychologist (all women), trying to create a new model of care, and continues part-time work in the residency program. Her family is busy and well. Her husband, Jim Moreno, after dabbling in various aspects of public interest law, found his passion in death penalty defense work. They have three children: son Graham, born during her third year of residency, daughter, Clara, and their youngest, Olivia.

Randolph Ramirez, M.D.

Deborah Weiskittel, M.D., Deb and her husband John, are living in Fort Collins, Colorado where she is working in a large family medicine group practice. They have 2 children, Theo and Spencer.

1991 Top

Teresa Allen, M.D.

Beverly Carolan, M.D.

Steven Day, M.D.

Loren Friedman, M.D., Loren began his own private practice, Arlington Palliative Care, 5 years ago. He provides mostly consultative services to hospitalized patients at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, two blocks from their home. He did have an opportunity to publish a chapter, “Pain Management in Palliative Care,” in Clinics in Family Practice in June 2004. His wife Patricia Rodriguez is a partner in a five-doc Heme-Onc practice at the same hospital.

Mark Hoch, M.D., Mark is living in Minneapolis with his wife, Kathy, a movement therapist, and their daughter, Ariana. He has a full-time solo practice of Holistic Medicine, mostly on a consultant level, and also providing family medicine for all ages. He is very involved with the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA), where he recently served a one year term as president. He is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and community faculty in the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center/Medical School. The Hoch family continues to enjoy the lakes and seasons of Minnesota.

Tierney Murphy, M.D.

1990 Top

Nelsa Anderson-Ciapponi, M.D.

Rhea Barton, M.D., Deceased. The Department of Family Medicine has dedicated its annual STFM Resident Teacher in honor of Dr. Rhea Barton.

Peter Brown, M.D., Community Preceptor, Family Medicine at Asylum Hill

Kathryn Lemmerman, M.D.

Lucille Marchand, M.D., Lou lives with her husband Phil Lomas, a psychiatrist in the community, and their two children, Sarah and Noah, in Madison, Wisconsin. Lou is currently a Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, a family physician at the rural UW Health Belleville Clinic, Integrative Medicine consultant at UW Integrative Medicine, and a Medical Director at HospiceCare, Inc. in Madison. She is board certified in family medicine, holistic medicine and palliative care. Her areas of professional interest include spirituality, communication, palliative medicine, ethics, professional well-being, the humanities in health care, and integrative medicine. Dr. Marchand enjoys all outdoor sports, and loves being active. She has allowed her creative muse to explore art and writing poetry and prose. She’s “happy, healthy, and like most doctors, works too hard.”

Susan Thomas, M.D., After fifteen years of practicing full-service family medicine in Lewiston, Maine, Susan was asked by General Electric-Health Information Technologies (GE-HIT) to become their Medical Director of Physician Practices for their Centricity Electronic Health Record (EHR). Her husband, Leo Dymkoski, manages two of his own small businesses, and they now have two beautiful grandchildren from his eldest son. They still travel abroad as often as time (and money) permits, but their hearts are in a small Caribbean island named Carriacon, where they have a second home and where Susan is involved in a local health center.

1989 Top

Thomas Cigno, M.D.

Terrence Doherty, M.D.

Gregory DeCandia, M.D.

Anne Reiher, M.D., Anne has not traveled too far since residency. However, she has still been challenged close to home. She is planning to start practicing urgent care medicine for a while (or longer) as she takes a little time to contemplate the second half of her career. Anne and her husband, Herb, have had their biggest adventure enjoying their two sons, Patrick and Tim.

Paul Shapiro, M.D.

Vince WinklerPrins, M.D., After ten years in private/group practice and some work overseas, Vince became an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Michigan State University. His wife is also on the faculty - in the Geography Department. They most recently moved to Arlington Virginia where he is working at Georgetown. They have two sons, Lukas and Lyle. “Life’s just a little too full!”

1988 Top

Colleen Casey, D.O. After a short stint in Buffalo, she and her family moved to the Willamette Valley in Oregon where she worked for four years in a large private practice and seven years at Kaiser Permanente. The latter is a great practice but too much of a good thing and she is considering returning to Connecticut to explore other options which will hopefully give her more time to bike ride, drink tea with friends and harass her children.

James Clayton, M.D.

David Jaworski, M.D.

Leslie Miller, D.O.

Susan Porter, M.D., After residency, Sue and her husband, Bob, moved around a bit but landed in Exeter, New Hampshire and “put down some roots”. The Exeter area is growing rapidly but trying to maintain its small town atmosphere. It’s a great place to raise their children, Kate and Emily. Exeter Hospital is a community hospital with a strong primary care focus and a good range of specialists. Being only an hour north of Boston gives them easy access to top notch tertiary centers. It also allows Bob to get to several Red Sox games each year! Between Harvard and Dartmouth, the CME offerings are really amazing. Their family activities include skiing, hiking, kayaking and driving the kids to music lessons and sports practices.

Jane Walker, M.D., Jane joined Windsor Family Medicine after graduating and spent many years in the practice. Jane then joined forces with Kathy Mueller, MD (’97) to open a holistic/alternative practice without traditional Family Medicine in Windsor CT.

1987 Top

Allan Baustin, M.D., Northhampton, Massachusetts

Timothy Cooper, M.D., Woodstock, Connecticut

Raymond Kurker, M.D., South Windsor, Connecticut

Marcia Leatham, M.D., Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean

Lawrence Menache, M.D., Radiologist, Alexandria, Louisiana

Bryan Stamm, M.D., Bryan is a part-time faculty member and Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Family Practice Residency in Spokane. He is half-time staff physician for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe in Plummer, Idaho, and provides Ob services with both practices. He and his wife, Jean, continue to bike, ski and travel the world as much as possible.

1986 Top

Alan Cementina, M.D., Faculty, UConn Department of Family Medicine

Patrick Coll, M.D., Faculty, UConn Department of Family Medicine, Director of Geriatrics, Center on Aging

William Kober, M.D., Northern Berkshire Family Practice, North Adams, Massachusetts.

Philip Sanderson, M.D., Del Mar Medical Clinic, Del Mar, California

James Vandermeer, M.D., Redmond, Virginia

William Graham, M.D., ’85 and Marcia Kelly Graham, M.D., ‘86 Bill and Marcia repaid their Public Health Service obligations in Phoenix, and Bill remained on in the Public Health Service treating Indians three years beyond his contract. They had three beautiful girls in Phoenix and moved them to Missouri where Bill became a medical missionary in charge of pre-employment and “every four-year exam” clearance for more than 3,000 missionaries. They also take call for them around the world, and work part-time in a local family practice office to keep up their skills. Bill recently traveled to China with a colleague, to teach other doctors. He also travels doing free clinics overseas.

1985 Top

Marilyn Adlin, M.D.

Rosa Fuentes, M.D., St. Louis, Missouri

P. Lane Goolsby, M.D.

William Graham, M.D., (see above)

Caroline Jackson, M.D.

Charles Mandelberg, M.D.

1984 Top

Shelly Berkowitz, M.D.

Jeff Hanson, M.D., Jeff is married with two girls and has been happily practicing in the same office for more that twenty years in Mt. Morris, New York. He loves the patient continuity, noting that he now sees children of children he cared for. Teaching medical students in the clinical setting has always been a focus of his. He was always inspired by preceptors in residency, in how much they seemed to enjoy the process.

David Henderson, M.D., Dean of Students, UConn School of Medicine, Faculty, UConnN Department of Family Medicine

William Hernandez, M.D., After residency, Bill spent five years in rural New Hampshire being a true “country doc”. He states this was “emotionally very satisfying though incredible hours”. He moved back to Connecticut to help out other UConn alums, Claire Warren and Dave Henderson at their urgent care centers in Plainfield and Norwich. He has since taken over the Norwich Center. He has an internist as a partner who does primary care while Dr. Hernandez does all the urgent/occupational care. He has two sons, David, (named after Dave Henderson, one of our current faculty members), and Will, and two stepsons, Ed and Jeff.

Susan Ivey, M.D.

L. Carey LaPorte, Jr., M.D.

George Silva, M.D.

Saverio Sava, M.D.

1983 Top

Joseph Barbera, M.D.

Clifford Drechsler, M.D.

Michael Hortner, M.D., Michael is married with two girls, resides in Allentown and practices in Northampton, Pennsylvania. He has been in a Family Practice, hospital-owned practice since 1986. Since that time he has not done in-patient work, which he says, “has greatly enhanced his quality of life”. He notes that what dampens his enthusiasm is the malpractice situation of his state and the country!

Kenneth Le Pone, M.D.

Stephen Mader, M.D., (deceased)

Robert Meyerson, M.D.

Susan Okie, M.D., Two years after Susan finished residency, they moved back to the Washington area and she rejoined The Washington Post. She has spent most of her career as a medical reporter and science editor there, and covered many of the major developments in medical care and public health during the last twenty years. Her husband, Walter Weiss, is a malaria researcher, and their family spent three wonderful, life-changing years in Kenya. She is the author of Fed-Up!, a book on the childhood obesity epidemic (Joseph Henry Press, 2005) and has two terrific sons, Peter and Jake. Susan now writes for the New England Journal of Medicine from Washington, D.C.

Clifford Rosenberg, M.D.

David Taraskevich, M.D.

Clare Warren, M.D., In 1984, Clare started the Walk-In Medical Center in Plainfield, CT while she was starting a family in Norwich, CT. She is married to David Shiling, a neurologist in Norwich and they have three sons, Ben, Noah and Danny. Ben, born in her second year of residency is a Lance Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps and returned safely from Felujah, Iraq. Dr. Warren served on the CAFP Board of Directors for several years. She sold her practice to Leah Briones, a wonderful family doctor and now she works for her. The practice has evolved over the years into a traditional family practice with hospital privileges at the Wm Backus Hosp. They maintain the walk-in part of the practice as well. She feels very happy with her choice of career and practice. Because of some health problems she has been very lucky to be able to transfer from owner to employee and still do the work she sees as a privilege more than a job.

David Wilterdink, M.D.

1982 Top

Mark Blatt, M.D.

Anne Brewer, M.D., Anne has been teaching at the Stamford Hospital Family Practice Residency since 1996 and is currently Associate Residency Director. She had previously been in private practice in Manchester, East Hartford, Hartford and Stamford. Her husband, The Very Reverend James Kowalski, is presently Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. They live in New York City and Anne commutes to Stamford. They have two children, Becky and Matthew. Dr. Brewer is active at the Cathedral and plays ice hockey for recreation. She recently competed at the Empire State Games in Lake Placid representing NYC.

Ronald Buckman, M.D., Family Medicine in Bolton, Connecticut

Paul Edelen, M.D.

Mark Graziano, M.D.

Alicja Harbut, M.D.

Lucy Loomis, M.D., After residency, Lucy practiced for a year at the Navajo Nation Health Foundation in Ganado, Arizona. In 1984 she joined Denver Health and Hospitals working in one of their affiliated community health centers, and started precepting at the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency. In 1992 she got a Masters in Public Health, and in 1997 helped start a track of the Family Medicine Residency in one of the Denver Health Community Health Centers. She is now the Director of Family Medicine for Denver Health, and Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine. She still does Ob! Lucy has three children.

Laszlo Lorincz, M.D.

Evelyne McCall, M.D.

Floyd McIntyre, M.D., Floyd writes that his wife, Carolyn, who had a bone marrow transplant for CML in 1981 (during his residency) is alive and well! They are blessed to have a daughter who attended UMass Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts and a son who attended Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Ronnie Stein, M.D.

1981 Top

Allen Bassler, M.D., Allen and his wife, Wanda, are living in Socorro, New Mexico, the “ Land of Sunshine”. He works in their small, local hospital staffing the ER. They are just finishing a cabin in the mountains, possibly their retirement home. He keeps very busy with work, church and community activities. Their daughter, Jennifer, lives in Goodyear, Arizona, and works as a laboratory technologist in Phoenix.

Mark Belsky, M.D.

Tom Danyliw, M.D., Tom is now a specialist in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and consults to employers, insurers, attorneys and others on a variety of medical-related issues. His clinical practice is as Medical Director of Middlesex Hospital Occupational Medicine. Family Medicine training and experience has provided “an excellent foundation”. He and his wife, Alyson, are “empty-nesters” in the Village of Essex, Connecticut. They enjoy boating, occasional golf and community activities. They truly appreciate their good fortune.

Ken Elam, M.D., Ken is living in Seattle and has done only emergency medicine. He is now involved in urgent care since doing a residency in the “wonderful west”. His medical passions are pre-hospital EMS providers and projects in Romania and Haiti. His wife, Shannon Fitzgerald is a pediatric APRN and involved with the state nursing commission. They have two daughters, Clair and Fiona. Dr. Elam noted, “all of those throw-away medical journals forever turned them (the girls) off to medicine and science!”

Robert Elwell, M.D.

Arthur Gendron, M.D.

David Kaufman, M.D.

Victor Mailey, M.D

Nicole Mazza, M.D., (deceased)

Kenneth Pellegrino, M.D.

Rochelle Weber, M.D.

1980 Top

Micheal Bay, M.D.

Frederick Dolgin, M.D.

Carol Honeychurch, M.D.,
Carol is a consultant for Disability Determination Services (part of the Social Security Administration), in Connecticut. She left private practice in 1987 when her first child was born and began consulting a few months later. She has consulted in Vermont and New Hampshire as well as Connecticut, where she and husband, Rev. David Roones, live. They have two children, Nathan and Rachel. Carol is active in youth education and music programs in her church. Leisure interests include science and history museums, and computers and technology.

Karoline Kimball, M.D., Karoline has enjoyed a wonderful personal and professional life in Keene, New Hampshire. She practiced Emergency Medicine for three years and then worked in urgent care for sixteen years. She is now practicing occupational Health at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic. She frequently moonlights in both the emergency room and in urgent care. Dr. Kimball and her husband have two beautiful children, a daughter, Lindsay and a son, Adam.

Samuel Lesko, M.D.

Charlene Li, M.D., and William Harris, M.D., Charlene and Bill married and opened Windsor Family Medicine in 1982. They have two children, Daniel and Alexandra. Charlene is active in the Connecticut State Academy and is co-editor of the Core Content.

Susan Miller, M.D., After leaving Meriden in 1980, Susan and her husband Ken went to New York and had two kids in three years. Research interests then took Ken to Richmond, Virginia where Susan founded Village Green Family Medicine in the suburbs where she practiced for twenty years with various partners. Susan sold her practice to her partners and joined the faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia where she has precepted for many years. There she is pursuing her interests in “The Idealized Design of Clinical Office Practice”, EHR and quality improvement issues.

Ilene Moore, M.D.

Alan Schwartz, M.D.

Joseph Sarnoski, M.D.,

Phillip Smith, M.D.

1979 Top

Rose Baytop, M.D.

Joel Berman, D.O.,
Concord, New Hampshire

James Fletcher, M.D.

Bradford Frank, M.D.

Eric Henley, M.D.,
Eric’s life since completing residency in 1979 has been an interesting journey, one that he would not have imagined. It has taken him to many different places and work: a family practice HMO in Portland, Oregon, an urban family practice in Cambridge (where he met and married his wife), rural locum tenens work in North Dakota, Appalachian Kentucky, rural Alaska and the Navajo Reservation, the Indian Health Service twice – three and one half years on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona and six years in Albuquerque. In between he went back to school for an MPH from Harvard. He has been a full-time academic family physician at the University of Illinois regional campus in Rockford, 85 miles west of Chicago, where he has served as the Department Chair. He and his wife live on a five acre farmette. They have two girls and enjoy, gardening, and music, and they have rediscovered Judaism after a long hiatus since childhood.

Robert Meyer, M.D., Frederick, Maryland

Susan Reid, M.D., Pavillon, New Hampshire

Frank Swanson, M.D., Shelton, Connecticut

1978 Top

Gordon Brodie, M.D., Gordon founded a private Family Practice in Manchester, Connecticut, formed a larger primary care group (HealthWise Medical Associates), and stays active at Manchester Memorial Hospital and with the UConn School of Medicine. He and his wife, Bea, have two children, Mark and Diana. Gordon and Bea travel as much as they can, especially to National Parks and wilderness areas, where they try (usually unsuccessfully) to stay out of trouble with the elements. His patients are starting to ask him when he plans to retire. He now has a group of children in the practice whose grandparents are also his patients! “That is the best part of the whole practice thing.” He states that although the direction of the practice of medicine is definitely going in the wrong direction, and it becomes increasingly difficult to do the right thing for his patients and still stay solvent, being a family doc is the greatest thing he can imagine doing…..but not forever, at least until the college tuition bills are paid off!

Steven Dieterich, M.D., Steven is married to Christina who works in the Costume Department at the University of Hartford. They have two daughters, Leah and Erin. Steve is a DJ at WWUH 91.3FM radio one day a week playing Celtic music. He’s a producer/promoter of Celtic concerts at the University of Hartford. He is an avid gardener (perennials exclusively) and a bicyclist (road bikes).

Edward Ewald, M.D., Granby, Connecticut

Daniel McKay, M.D., Torrington, Connecticut

Anthony Roselli, M.D., Avon, Connecticut

Robert Rothenberg, M.D., Avon, Connecticut

Donald Timmerman, M.D., Portland, Connecticut

Mark Tuttle, M.D., Mark is married to Joann Sullivan Tuttle (UConn Dental ’77 and ’78 residency). They have two children, Beth and Christopher. Mark practices in Marlborough, Connecticut. His practice started with two physicians and has grown to five physicians and one PA. They recently opened a new office in a new medical complex. Weekends find him renovating an historic house in East Hartford. He also flies radio-controlled planes. His family is down to two mini horses, two mini donkeys, three dogs and five cats. (At their peak they had 29 pets!)

1977 Top

Bruce Brumberger, M.D., Meriden, Connecticut

Michael Fox, M.D., San Francisco, California

Carol Ann Topolewski, M.D., Harwich, Massachusetts

Gary Waring, M.D., Morrisville, Vermont

1976 Top

William Howard, M.D., Horseheads, New York

Max Jackson, M.D., Max considers his residency the most important years of his training, and graduation from residency was his most meaningful graduation. He is very thankful for the opportunity to have been part of the program. He mentioned that he named and started the Asylum Hill Family Practice Center (on Sigourney Street) and is thrilled that our Center is on the Saint Francis campus now. He currently works in Kansas City as a Vice-President of Medical Affairs.

Ronald Pinkerton, M.D., Santa Fe Springs, California