Welcome to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine [MFM] Fellowship website at the University Of Connecticut School of Medicine. We thank you for your interest in our Fellowship Program. On this website, you will find comprehensive information about our MFM Fellowship Program, links to the University of Connecticut Health Center and all of its programs and information about the Greater Hartford area.

As you read about our fellowship program, you will see that our fellows receive training in all aspects of high risk obstetrics at both John Dempsey Hospital and our affiliated site at Hartford Hospital. The MFM fellow has daily one-on-one instruction in the clinical aspects of perinatology, and access to an extensive delivery and ultrasound database for perinatal research. Our MFM fellows also enjoy a close working and research relationship with the Division of Neonatology and its fellowship program and the Division of Human Genetics.

The website provides a three-year block diagram that outlines the clinical, didactic and research activity for the fellowship. There is also a weekly schedule that outlines the activity of the first-year fellow [PGY5] at the two hospitals where training takes place.

Any candidate considering fellowship training in any of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine programs must have passed Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the USMLE. In addition, please be aware that the University of Connecticut School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education programs do not sponsor “H” or “O” visas. Permanent Resident status (“green card”), J-1 visas sponsored by ECFMG, and Employment Authorization Documents are accepted.

We conduct our interviews during July, August and early September. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail either Pam Brancati-Moynihan [MFM Fellowship Program Coordinator] @ brancatimoynihan@uchc.edu or Winston A. Campbell, M.D.[MFM Fellowship Director] @ wcampbell@uchc.edu.

We hope you enjoy learning about our Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program.