UConn Health  / John Dempsey Hospital
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030
(860) 679-3186

University of Connecticut Health Center / John Demspsey Hospital

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The 200-bed, JCAHO accredited John Dempsey Hospital, at the Uconn Health in Farmington, CT, provides highly specialized inpatient, outpatient and primary care services. The Health Center contains most of the departmental research laboratories as well as the medical and dental schools, School of Public Health, and the Stowe Library, which is the regional center for medical libraries in the northeastern United States.

For inpatient care, medical beds are available as needed for the care of neurology inpatients. Outpatient clinical space contains 6 examination rooms with three adjacent EMG rooms, an EMG work room, a quantitative muscle testing room, a 2-room EEG suite and an EEG reading room, one physician work room and a conference room that seats 22. Computers and desk space are available to residents in the neurology workroom, EMG workroom and the consultation room.

In the academic suite, a desk and computer are available for residents in the conference room, which seats 12, as well as use of one of the physician offices.

The Health Center also boasts a complete clinical laboratory staffed with 1 MD, 4 Ph.D.ís, and 70 technologists. Clinical research is done in both the clinical area and the UConn General Clinical Research Center. One NIH-funded laboratory is currently active within the neurology department.

The information resources of the Lyman Maynard Stowe Library are available either onsite or from home/office so faculty, students and staff can access the libraryís linkage to over 2,400 electronic medical journals, 90 electronic textbooks and 120 databases. The library staff provides educational programs for effectively accessing the online health sciences information. The print and multimedia resources include 135,000 bound journal volumes, 45,600 monographs, 1,500 current journal subscriptions, 4,000 audiovisual titles, and 760 microcomputer software programs.


Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102
(860) 545-3621

Hartford Hospital

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Hartford Hospital is an 850-bed, JCAHO accredited, acute care, regional, level-one trauma/medical center providing care in all medical specialties. The hospital was founded in 1854 and today is a major tertiary care and community health care center, serving a statewide patient population and is the largest medical center in Connecticut. It is the cornerstone of Connecticutís finest full-spectrum health care system which includes, but is not limited to, The Institute of Living which is Hartford Hospitalís mental health network, and Connecticut Childrenís Medical Center which serves as the major pediatric health center in Southern New England. Both facilities are located on Hartford Hospitalís campus in the south end of Hartford. As a teaching hospital, Hartford Hospital is a primary affiliate of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Dentistry.

There is a designated neurology inpatient care area consisting of a Stroke Center and a 34-bed unit shared with Neurosurgery and Trauma. Admissions to the neurology unit are controlled by the neurology staff. Outpatient clinical space consists of 5 examining rooms and a conference room. Full-time nursing and administrative personnel provide logistical as well as translation support.

The Epilepsy Center has individualized, coordinated care by a dedicated team of epilepsy experts, latest diagnostic, surgical and treatment technology, inpatient video EEG monitoring in a newly renovated center with private suites, ambulatory EEGs allowing patients to be monitored in their home environment for up to 72 hours, state of the art brain imaging techniques that help pinpoint the cause or location in the brain of the seizures.

The EEG suite located in the 85 Jefferson Street Medical Building has four EEG machines, four technicians, one supervisor and personnel trained in performing evoked potentials. EMG/NCS studies are done in the EMG lab located in the Conklin Building.

Adjacent to the academic office is the resident conference room/library that seats 30. It is equipped with a desk, computers, video, slide and computer projection and view box facilities. The resident call room has a desk, computer, and cable TV.

The general hospital clinical laboratory staffs 16 MDís, 12 residents, 6 fellows, 3 post-doctoral fellows, 4 Ph.D.ís, and 202 technicians. Test results are developed in the laboratory and computerized so they are available via any PC in the hospital. Space is available in the research laboratories committed solely to Neurology.

The medical library at Hartford Hospital houses 23,560 textbooks, 21,737 bound journals, 969 journal subscriptions, and 2,500 AV titles. There is a small, purely neurology reading room and approximately 80-100 texts and monographs, etc. Databases available from the computers in the neurology resident conference room/library include MDConsult, PubMed, AVID, and NERVLINE. On-line access to MEDLINE is available from these computers also.


Connecticut Childrenís Medical Center
100 Washington Street
Hartford, CT
(860) 545-9460

Childrens Medical Center

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The Connecticut Childrenís Medical Center is the regionís only full-service hospital devoted completely to the care of children. It is a 135-bed, JCAHO accredited facility that is supplemented by neonatal intensive care beds at Hartford Hospital and John Dempsey Hospital and child psychiatry beds at the adjacent Institute of Living. Outpatient clinic space consists of 6 examining rooms, a telemetry unit that houses one telemetry bed, a neurophysiology unit with 3 EEG machines, 1 ERG machine, 1 EMG machine, 1 evoked potential machine, and a separate reading room with digital off-site reading station.

Within the departmental office there is an office for residents and a conference room/library.

There is a complete clinical laboratory with 1 MD and 8 technicians. Hartford Hospitalís main lab is also utilized. All results are available from any PC in the hospital via the same reporting system Hartford Hospital uses.

From the education center within CT Children's, electronic access to the UConn and Hartford Hospital libraries as well as NML exists. In the departmental office there is a small library containing 6 up-to-date journals and approximately 100 textbooks and a CD ROM library of new educational media for use in the residents work room.


The Institute Of Living
200 Retreat Avenue
Hartford, CT
(860) 545-7000

Founded in 1822, The Institute of Living was one of the first mental health centers in the United States, and the first hospital of any kind in Connecticut. Located on 35 acres landscaped by Frederick Law Olmsted, The Institute of Living lies near the center of Hartford, Connecticut.

Today, as part of Hartford Hospital, it is one of America's leading not-for-profit centers for comprehensive patient care, research and education in the fields of behavioral, psychiatric, and addiction disorders.

Its full spectrum of services includes outpatient, partial hospital, residential (supervised living), inpatient, crisis intervention, and consultation, as well as the Grace S. Webb School for elementary, middle, and high school students. Specialty programs include the Addiction Recovery Service, Adult Programs, the Anxiety Disorders Center, the Child and Adolescent Program, the Eating Disorders Program, the Geriatric Program, the Program for Professionals, the Assessment Center, Rehabilitation Services, the G.R.O.W. Program, Schizophrenia Treatment Services, and trauma services.

Research and education are important elements of The Institute's mission. Affiliated with Yale, the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, The Institute has training programs in psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, and rehabilitation. As a research center, The Institute conducts clinical trials of investigational new drugs and is a leader in outcome studies. Researchers at The Institute have also devised a unique computerized clinical alert system. In 2002, The Institute opened the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center, a $25 million complex dedicated to research in schizophrenia and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Headed by Godfrey Pearlson, M.D., Olin Center researchers make use of sophisticated neuroimaging techniques and have attracted significant grant funding and competitive awards.


The Hospital For Special Care

2150 Corbin Avenue
New Britain, CT 06053
(860) 223-2761

Hospital for Special Care

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The Hospital for Special Care is a private, not-for-profit, 200-bed rehabilitation and chronic disease hospital licensed by the State of Connecticut specializing in rehabilitation of people who have had a stroke, a spinal cord injury, a brain injury or have other complex orthopedic needs. The hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services.

Affiliated with the University of Connecticut as a teaching hospital, the medical staff comprises dedicated specialists in internal medicine, geriatrics, infectious diseases, physiatry, pulmonology, psychology and pediatrics. Sponsored by the Connecticut State Medical Society, there are an array of in-service and continuing education programs as well as conferences, research, and publication in medical and occupational journals. The Health Sciences Library is open to staff, students, interns, patients and families.

Residents on the required Neurophysiology/EMG rotation spend two days at the Hospital for Special Care in the neuromuscular/ALS and MDA clinics.

The psychiatry staff with whom our residents work with when electing a neuro-rehabilitation rotation consists of 6 physicians with areas of expertise in stroke, neuropathy, musculoskeletal/spinal cord injuries, electrodiagnostic medicine, acquired brain injury, pain management, nerve and muscle injuries, and general rehabilitation.