Day Care

University of Connecticut Day Care Center:

The Creative Child Center, the UConn Health Center's on-campus child-care center, is located in Farmington, CT. Many pediatric residents live in the West Hartford area, which is in close proximity to Farmington. (The towns are approximately 3.32 miles apart.) Please refer to the following link to find out more about the Creative Child Center:

Quality day care is a top priority for families. But determining what type of child care provider meets your family's needs, lifestyle, and budget takes some research and discussion. Make sure to check each option carefully. Ask questions of the staff. Talk to parents of other children at the day care center. Look over the center carefully. Below are several websites that provide you with a list of resources for finding the right day care for your family. If you have an adult in need of day care coming with you to Connecticut, there is an adult day care at the Hebrew Home in Hartford,

How to find good day care resources:

Questions to ask child care provider resources:

Dependent Care Plan:

The Capital Area Consortium offers a Dependent Care plan, which allows participants to pay for child care or care for an incapacitated spouse/parent by having monies deducted from salary payments on a pre-tax basis, thus reducing taxable income.