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Pediatric Surgery

Welcome to the University of Connecticut Pediatric Surgery Fellowship at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Program Director
Christine Finck, MD

The Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Program sponsored by the University of Connecticut is a two year program that provides the fellow with experience in clinical and operative settings. It is a competency based program which emphasizes learning through hands-on experience. The goal of the program is to produce graduates that are autonomous, enthusiastic and dedicated to the field.

This attitude permeates the entire Pediatric Surgery Staff at Connecticut Children's. Dr. Christine Finck is the Program Director as well as the Director for the Division of Pediatric Surgery. She is also an Associate Professor of Surgery, Pediatrics, Traumatology & Emergency Medicine at the University of Connecticut. She is committed to the education of new surgeons and believes that experience is the best teacher.

On behalf of the Faculty and Staff, we welcome you to explore this program. Feel free to contact Lindsay Haythorn at with any questions.