Clinical Sites:  Connecticut Children's Medical Center

The CT Children's pediatric rotation allows residents the exposure to the unique aspects of pediatric surgery. The service is managed by the categorical R4 who develops the call schedule and assigns duties and OR coverage among the residents. In coordinating OR coverage it is imperative that outside rotating residents meet their operative requirements by the time they leave the rotation (reason for that is that UConn residents rotate twice at CCMC – as PGY-1 and 4. Therefore there will be plenty of opportunities to meet their numbers).

Team: General Surgery R4, R1
          +/- Orthopedics R1, OMF R1 or R2
          +/- Outside Hospital Rotators (St Raphael’s, Waterbury, etc., R2-R4 level)
          +/- Peds resident (*not in call pool)

Junior level responsibilities include daily work of the service, discharges, TPN orders, responding to consults in the ER and in-house call. In addition to ER consults at CCMC, many activated pediatric traumas will go to the HH ER where you are expected to see them and treat them like and activated trauma. The trauma team will be available for help until the patient is stabilized and the pediatric attending has arrived.

OR Cases: hernias, circumcisions, appendectomies, pyloric stenosis, now more advanced laparoscopic procedures such as Nissens and lap bands.

Clinic: There is a clinic every day; Chief will assign attendance.

Teaching Conferences:

  • Tuesday all-morning event; it includes the attendings talking about interesting cases from the last week and also upcoming good cases on the schedule for the upcoming week. The rest of the time will either be presentations by residents, M&M, or SIM center. Dr. Finck makes up a list of topics that will be presented, and the chief resident will assign each resident at least one presentation.
  •  SPR is Surgery / Pathology / Radiology conference: 3rd Tuesday.

Call: Depends on complement of residents, but usually every 4th night.