Clinical Sites: UConn Health: John Dempsey Hospital

The UConn rotation allows residents the broad exposure to General, Vascular, Thoracic and Plastic surgery.

Though the service is overseen by the R5, the R3 is given the opportunity to run the service as a Chief. The R3 and R5 will take home call as a chief overnight and on the weekends. Both the R3 and R5 will run the list with the attendings each morning. The R3 is treated as a Chief. This is a great opportunity for the R3 to learn how to run a service. The R2 will take in house call about once a week. Both the R1 and the R2 will come in every other weekend for AM rounds.

Team: R5, R3, R2, R1, R4 (one month with vascular surgery)

Call responsibility: Juniors as above; Seniors Q2 (home call)

Cases: angiogram, endovascular procedures, AVF, PAD, infrarenal aneurysms, hernia, gallbladder, appendectomy; colectomy; surgical perianal disease (hemorrhoid, fissure…etc); Nissen; heller; advanced laparoscopic procedures, hepatobiliary; breast and melanoma, flaps.

Clinic: Resident clinic is held at the Out Patient Pavilion (OPP) every Friday Afternoon. The chief will send 1 or 2 residents for each session. The Department of Corrections also has a surgery clinic staffed by residents every other Tuesday. This clinic is run by the R3 or the R5; overseen by an attending.

M&M every other week (responsibility divided between the R3 and R5);
Attending teaching conference every other week
GI tumor board - Every other Friday
Teaching rounds – Every Tuesday 4pm-5pm
Trauma M&M every 3 months