Clinical Sites: UConn Health Center: John Dempsey Hospital

The UConn rotation allows residents the broad exposure to aspects of General, Vascular, Thoracic and Plastic surgery. Though the service is overseen by the R5, this rotation allows the R3 the ability to develop administrative experience, by running the day to day functions. The R3 is also responsible for vascular conference, with M+M divided between the R3 and R5. The R2 spends one month doing endoscopy with the gastroenterology and surgical attendings as well as working up consults for the GI service. This resident rotates in the in-house call schedule.

Team: R5, R3, R2 (2 weeks surgical, 2 weeks endoscopy and pelvic), R1

Call responsibility: Juniors Q3-4, Seniors Q2 (home call)

Cases: Hernias, gallbladders, laparoscopic hernias, advanced oncologic procedures, breast and melanoma; the prisoner clinic and prisoners are “ward” patients and their care and outpatient cases is primarily resident based.

There are weekly M&M, vascular conferences, teaching rounds, and resident run clinics (general surgery Medicaid, prisoner, vascular, and plastics).

During your training, you must complete several endoscopies: 85 total; 35 upper procedures, including PEG, and 50 colonoscopies. This rotation allows our residents to meet their endoscopy requirements and improve technical skills.